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Katie is an IVA registered and qualified vocal coach who lives in Sandbach, Cheshire. She has been teaching singing and vocal techniques for a number of years and has attained her level 2 IVA certification. After the birth of her second child she decided to break out on her own and provide independent classes. The SBP helped her to set up her entire online identity, building a simple to navigate website and blog, setting her up on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and helping her with design and layouts. We continue to provide her with website backups and support, help with content, graphics and advice on the best ways for her to promote her growing business.

Project Details:



  • New domain registration and configuration, plus email.
  • Complete new website.
  • Speed enhancement.
  • Backups and Maintenance.
  • Content support and the building of blogs for her to use as landing pages for social media.
  • Complete social setup including education on post delays and scheduling.
  • Ongoing support creatively and technically.